Our year 2018/19

As ever, VoiceAbility’s unrelenting focus this year has been on enabling people to have their voices heard and their rights respected. We have provided advocacy and other services to people who face disadvantage or discrimination, including people with mental health needs and disabled people. Our Annual Report provides a flavour of the positive change this work has created in people’s lives and communities.  

We’re also excited about the year ahead as we embark on a new organisational strategy.


  • In our face-to-face advocacy work, 91% of the specific changes people wanted were either completely or partly achieved.

  • Our Experts by Experience service goes from strength to strength and has extended from Northamptonshire to Coventry and Warwickshire.

  • Changes in our sector and listening to staff feedback resulted in the development of a new strategy for how we achieve our goals.

  • VoiceAbility influenced government on DoLS legislation, and helped shape the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill and accompanying Code of Practice.

  • We stepped forward to help advocates prevent over-medication, launching a "STOMP Top Tips for Advocates" guide in collaboration with NHS England.

To find out more, download our report (PDF) or explore the story tiles below.

Keeping people safe: Advocacy as critical friend

“I suddenly started to find that I was supporting many people from one particular ward to make complaints..." We help our commissioners identify changes that are needed in systems that affect lots of people.

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Feedback to our Redbridge service

“VoiceAbility has given me a voice, ensuring that I was and am heard in a system where I was ignored." – Adam, a Redbridge service user

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Feedback to our Liverpool & Sefton service

“You were able to provide a professional and rational voice to represent my Mum during a very tense and difficult time for our family..." – Person using our Liverpool & Sefton service

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