Press office

The VoiceAbility press office is the link between our advocates and the media. The team provides the press with access to advocacy expertise through press releases and new resources and finds experts to comment on breaking news.

We handle enquiries from print, online and broadcast journalists, documentary makers and press officers from other organisations.

The press office also provides organisation information and comment to the media and reports on recent social care news on our own news page.

Contact the press office 

Phone: 01223 555830

To contact the press office out of office hours phone: 07595 608700

For journalists

If you are a journalist and would like to find out more about our areas of work, speak to an expert or arrange filming at one of our offices, please contact us to make the necessary arrangements.

For VoiceAbility staff members

When to contact the press office:

  • If you have been contacted by a journalist
  • If you are working on a press release for your local service
  • If you'd like help to prepare for a media interview

If you have an idea for a media story or would like to discuss any aspect of communicating your service through the media we would love to hear from you. 

For other press officers

If you plan to mention VoiceAbility or our work in a press release please let us know before you have drafted the release so that we can provide any necessary input into the release and coordinate cross-posting on our website, Twitter, etc. It also helps us be prepared if we get calls from the media on the subject.

To see recent VoiceAbility stories in the press visit our news pages.